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New York City Marathon Medal
"The 2006 Olympic year, there were 18 of us on the hockey team that were fortunate enough to receive the Fund. With the summer Olympics just 8 months away, and the Vancouver winter Olympics only 2 years away, now is a great time to support all athletes.
....know how grateful we are for the support, and what a difference it makes for all athletes coast to coast. It has a very strong and significant impact in helping us pursue our dreams."

~Jennifer Botterill
omen's Hockey    Team - 2 time Olympic    Gold Medallist








  Story of the Month of August   .....
Fred van der Gaag,
  Kelowna, BC

Lorraine Johannson, Calgary Alberta

Shannon Loutitt, Saskatoon, SK

Linda Wagar, Ottawa, Ontario

Nathalie Collin
, Montréal, Québec

John Parks, Saint John, NB.

R. Umlah,
  Brookside, NS

Joe Ryan, St. John's, Newfoundland, March 2008


Marathon Stories
Fred van der Gaag,
  Kelowna, BC, June 2003 
Vancouver International Marathon May 2003
Brendan Connelly, Port Coquitlam, BC, July 2003
                              Proud Husband, Tina Connelly

                              California International Marathon
Chris Fretwell, Vancouver B.C., May 2004
                        Vancouver Marathon, May, 2004
Shaunene Neilson, Coquitlam, BC
  Vancouver Marathon, May 2004
Noel Hulsman, Vancover B.C., August 2004
         LA Marathon, 2004
Rob Bryce
, Prince George, BC, May 2005
                  Red Deer, Alberta, May 2005
Brendan Connelly, Port Coquitlam, BC, January 2007
                              Boston Marathon, 2006
Elizabeth Sleen,  Victoria, BC, May 2007 
                            Tofino, 2006

Stephanie Sleen, Calgary, Alberta, September 2003
Maui, Marathon, September 2003
Lorraine Johannson, Calgary Alberta, July 2004
                                  Royal Victoria Marathon, October 2002

David Stewart, Calgary, Alberta, July 2005
                        Calgary Marathon, Calgary Alberta, July 2005
Carla Clarke, Entwistle, Alberta, January 2008
Kingwood Texas Marathon January 2008

Shannon Loutitt, Saskatoon, SK, March 2007
                           Journey to Boston

Linda Wagar,
Ottawa, Ontario, March 2003
                       New York City Marathon,  November 2002
Robert Shotton, Ottawa, Ontario, May 2003
                          National Capital Marathon, Ottawa
Angelo Talluto, Toronto, Ontario, June 2003
Ottawa Marathon, May 2003
Cam Wilson, Ottawa, Ontario, June2003
Canadian International Marathon, Toronto,October, 2001
Annie Hurley, Ottawa, Ontario, August 2003
                       Boston Marathon, April 2003
Linda Wagar, Ottawa, Ontario, September 2003

* French          Montreal, Quebec, September 2003
Claudine Fenard,
Prescott, Ontario, September 2003
Cape Cod Marathon, 2002
Phil Legault, Ottawa, Ontario October 2003
                     Toronto Marathon, October 2003
Karen Beitel, Toronto, Ontario April 2004
 Boston Marathon, 2004
Lyne Desjardins, Stittsville, Ontario May 2004
  Big Sur, April 25,  2004
Scott Haldane, Toronto, Ontario, May 2004
                     Boston Marathon  2004
Mark G. Collis, Burlington Ontario May 2004
                        Forest City Marathon, London, Ontario May 2000
Dr. Freddie So, Oakville, Ontario, June 2004
Ottawa Marathon, May 2004
Kiza Francis, Ottawa, Ontario June 2004
  National Capital Marathon, May 2004
Ben Kong, Markham, Ontario June 2004
  Toronto Marathon,  October 2003
Louise Rachlis, Ottawa, Ontario July 2004
National Capital Marathon, Ottawa 2004
Ellen Roseman, Toronto Ontario, October 2004
                          The Marine Corps Marathon, Oct. 2003
Sandra Lam, Oakville, Ontario October 2004
                      Scotia Waterfront Marathon, October 2004
Roger Collier, Kanata, Ontario, October 2004
  Toronto Marathon  October 2004
Linda Wagar, Ottawa, Ontario, October 2004
                       Casino Niagara International Marathon,  October 2004
Karen Allen, Kanata, Ontario, November 14, 2004
                     ING National Capital Marathon, Ottawa, May 2004
Rick Hellard, Ottawa, Ontario, May 2005

                      Philadelphia Marathon, May, 2005
Susan LeBlanc, Ottawa, Ontario, June 2005
                          National Capital Marathon, Ottawa, Ontario, May, 2005
Linda Wagar, Ottawa, Ontario, June 2005
                      ING Marathon, Ottawa, June 2005
Monica Chokly
, Trenton, Ontario, June 2005
  ING Marathon, Ottawa, Ontario, June 2005
Norman Marcotte, Ottawa, Ontario, July 2005
                              Boston Maraton, April 1997
Angelique Myles, Kingston, Ontario, August 2005
                             ING Marathon, Ottawa, Ontario, June 2005
Donna Davis May 2005
  Big Sur Marathon  April 24, 2005
Paul Mora, Toronto, Ontario, Septmeber 2006
                   Ottawa, Sept. 2006
Bruce Moquin, Ottawa, Ontario, November 2006
Toronto, Sept. 2006
Cheryl Malton, Pickering, Ontario, November 2006
Ottawa, September. 2006
Shirley Forsyth, Hamilton, Ontario, June 2007
Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2007
Gina Mollicone-Long, Toronto, Ontario, October 2007
                                San Fransisco Marathon, Oct. 2004
Cheryl Malton, Toronto, October 2007
Toronto Marathon, Oct. 2007

Michael Hughes, Orleans, Ontario December 2007
Ottawa Marathon, May 27, 2007
Tonja Leach, Ottawa, Ontario December 2007
                      Price Edward County Marathon, October 1, 2006
Tonja Leach, Ottawa, Ontario, April 2008
                      Boston Marathon, 2008
Linda Wagar, Ottawa, Ontario, July 2008
                       Ottawa, May, 2008

Nathalie Collin, Montréal, Québec, June 2003
Chicago October 2002
Arthur Munro, Aylmer, QC, May 2005
                       National Capital Marathon, Ottawa, Ontario, May, 2005
Bruno Lacroix, Gatineau, Quebec, August 2005
                         Marathon des Deux Rives, Quebec City, August 2005
Robert Davidson, Montreal Quebec
* French                Montreal 2003
Rosaire Gagné, Montreal, Quebec
* French              Montréal  2006
Philippe Jobin, Montréal, March 2008
* French             Montréal, Septembre 2005

Jennifer Henry,  North Tetagouche, NB, August 2004
Flanders Fields, Ypres, Belgium,  September 2003
John Parks, St. John N.B., August 2004
  Boston Marathon, April  2004

Stephanie Toole, Kingston, Nova Scotia, February 2005
                            Carlsbad Marathon, California, January 2005
Mark Black, Halifax NS.  November 2006
                    Halifax Bluenose International Marathon May 2005
R. Umlah,  Brookside, NS, June 2008 
                  25th Athens Marathon



Joe Ryan, St. John's, Newfoundland, March 2008
Athens, November 2007



Philippe DuParc, Paris, France, September 2003
* French                Paris, April, 2003

National Capital Marathon Training Log
2004 - Richard Bercuson - Weekly updates....what really happens in
                                          training for the ultimate dream.
                                          Week 1 thru 4
                                          Week 5 thru 8

                                          Week 9 - 12
                                          Week 13 - 16
                                          Week 17 - Marathon
Half Marathon Stories
Stephanie Hodge,  Snicker’s Half-Marathon ESPN Zone
                              Times Square, November 2003

Linda Wagar,  Ottawa, Ontario
Calgary, Half-Marathon July 2003
Cori Slaughter- Sahota - Ottawa, Ontario, February 2004
                                       Cumberland Half Marathon,
                                       October 2002
Pamela Felix, Vancouver, B.C. October 2007
Half marathon, Fort Langley February 2007
IronMan Stories
Jeremy Peressini, Calgary, Alberta, July 2003
                             IMC, Penticton, BC, 2001
Andrew WestonNepean, Ontario, November 2003 
                           Canadian ½ Ironman Duathlon, Ottawa, Ontario
                           August 2003
Dwayne Botchar, Vancouver, B.C., September 2006
                            Kelowna B.C. Sept.  2006
Shaunene NeilsonLions Bay, BC  August 2007
                                Maple Ridge Half Iron Mountain,  August 2007
Eric Chang, Ottawa, Ontario, July 2008
Lake Placid, New York,  July 2008
Ski Marathon
Parham Momtahan, Ottawa, Ontario, December 2007
                                Canadian Ski Marathon, February 2006
Devashish Paul,  Ottawa, Ontario, February 2008  
                            Lake Placid Loppet, February 2008
Carolyn Stewart, Ottawa, Ontario, March 2008
 Gatineau Loppet,
Kid's Running Stories
Hailey  Desormeaux,  Ottawa, Ontario January 2005
Various Ottawa Events
Sophie Wagar, Ottawa, Ontario, November 2007
Run Across Ottawa School Challenge, 2007
Beyond the Marathon
I felt it necessary to create a "special section" for incredible feats done by Canadians which I am pleased to see on this website. Read on, and continue to be inspired!
A special Thank You to Dr Glen Chilton for his contribution.
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