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On Tuesday Oct 6th, Linda Rainville Wagar suffered a burst brain aneurysm and is now in serious condition, beginning a slow post-operative recovery  at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. 
In order to see Linda's efforts live on, and in order to honour her contribution to Canadian athletes, Jane Roos of Canadian athletes now has graciously launched a 100 person committee program to distribute Linda's remaining Canadian Marathon Stories books.

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Carl Wagar writes:
“Linda was thrilled to be able to have her book contribute to and ensure the success of our
2008 summer-games Olympians such as bronze-hurdler Priscilla Lopes-Schliep.  Prior to suffering her aneurysm she was gearing her speaking and networking efforts to raise money for our 2010 athletes. Linda hoped to sell more Canadian Marathon Stories books to raise funds since they make a good seasonal gift. It is great to see Linda's efforts to live on, through the 100 person Committee.   Although it  may take many months for her to wake up and appreciate your efforts,  I’m sure that her spirit will be lifted by the thought that so many people cared and  ultimately, that the athletes themselves were helped even as she slept.”
Jane Roos, writes:
For the past 4 years Linda has been raising awareness and support for the plight of our Canadian athletes through the Canadian Athletes Now Fund.  Through her book Canadian Marathon Stories she created a terrific fundraising opportunity. Each book is sold for $20 and $10 goes directly to our Canadian athletes.  
One of the many summer athletes Canadian Marathon Stories  supported is 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist Priscilla Lopes-Schliep.  I can't thank the Canadian Athletes Now Fund enough from the bottom of my heart for all the support, you guys have helped my dream come true."                                                                                                                                               
How the CAN Fund works: Athletes from coast to coast apply twice a year for $6000 each time. They use this direct funding for proper nutrition, equipment, coaching costs, team fees (yes the majority of our athletes have to pay to be on their national team)  and travel expenses. 
Continue Linda’s Dream:  Sell the remaining 1000 books to help our winter athletes. Many of our winter athletes are in their final qualificiation for the Games and these next 3 months are critical.
The Canadian Marathon Stories Committee: Sometimes it takes others to finish the dream!
I’m inviting 100 people to buy 10 books each $200 (give them as gifts, sell them)  
In celebration of Linda’s dream to impact the success of our athletes, for our Canadians who will be competing in Canada for the first time in over 20 years and for Linda’s husband Carl and their children.
Acknowledgement: The Canadian Athletes Now Fund will celebrate the proud/passionate Canadians from this Committee on our website and share with everyone the names of the athletes you have directly supported by selling Linda’s remaining 1000 books. You will know the names of each athlete you have supported heading into the Winter Games

Fill out the attached Form

Call: 1-866-937-2008   Email: jane@canadianathletesnow.ca
Many Thanks
Jane Roos

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