Linda Wagar Recovering from Brain Aneurysm

It is with shock and sadness that we must report that Linda Wagar suffered a burst brain aneurysm on Tuesday Oct.6, 2009 and is now in Saint Vincent hospital in Ottawa for support and rehabilitation.

It is with sadness that we have to report that Linda suffered a severe brain aneurysm in October 2009 and remains in hospital to this day, possibly for the rest of her life.
Although she is able to talk and what remains of her personality is sweet, loving and  happy, she has had a lot of her brain erased and is missing short term memory,  motivational 'do it now' ability and is essentially bedridden. She is hoisted into a  wheelchair to receive some physiotherapy and except for her right arm, is mostly
paralyzed, mostly blind, and mostly crazy. We have been blessed to be able to bring her home for special holidays and events and she is able to talk with and charm all her visitors.  We have seen slow but steady progress over the last years and have hopes for further modest breakthroughs in future. Our long term hope and prayer is that advancements like stem cell research etc may allow us to repair her brain more fully.  In the meantime we keep pushing and enjoy what we can. Linda has been a great partner to me over 29 years and a fantastic mother to our children Sophie (now 18) and Justin (now 16).

Cherish what you have.
Carl Wagar, husband, Linda Rainville Wagar

Linda's former passion and accomplishents were in Marathon Running. Indeed she created and edited a book called Canadian Marathon Stories.  See the web site at
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Priscilla Lopes-Schliep
Canadian Olympian 
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