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New York City Marathon Medal
This is my moment now, to go off and do the unbelievable, to accomplish the incredible feat of running a
50 K"







July 18, 2008

Why run 50K AND Why Alberta.....because, like our Canadian Athletes, who
wish to represent our country to be the best they can be in their respective sport, I have taken it upon myself to push my personal physical limits.

I am being coached by Ray Zahab, Canada's adventure runner, who's confidence in me knows no boundaries. "Linda, you published a book about marathon runners, it's just a little farther"

I will be running 50K to commemorate my own 50 years on this planet! I also want to run this distance for the Canadian Athletes that will be representing our country in Beijing, no matter what their sport. They are following
their passion, to be the best they can be. They are all winners in the eyes of all Canadians. You are all golden!!

You have amazing hearts, muscles, lungs and most of all a powerful MIND! Breathe!
Thanks for the inspiration you give all Canadians, especially our children.
Be the role models we know you aspire to be!

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